Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design


Our primary environmental philosophy is that you will never find a Cherner Chair product in a landfill. Cherner designs are featured in design collections worldwide, our products are manufactured to last, to cherish, and to hand down to future generations. All components of Cherner Chair products are replaceable, insuring that our chairs, tables, and stools can be indefinitely kept in service.

We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of all of our products:



All of our products are manufactured with attention to detail and hand assembled from woods collected form sustainably managed forests and with 100% recyclable steel with 25% recycled content.



All of our wood and steel components are finished with coatings that emit negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


Foam Materials:

All of are upholstery foam materials are part of an open loop system which can be recycled when replacement is required.



All of our products are shipped in materials that may be recycled repeatedly. Our corrugated cardboard containers are specially designed to minimize the amount of packing material required to ship each product.